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Google Ads Management With Digitalhaiyaar?

  • Countless Possibilities For Advertising With Google Ads
    Google Ads also offers a lot of different options for creating effective ads that can really convert visitors into customers. On mobile searches, you can e.g. insert a button or a link that makes it possible to call you directly from the search. It is also possible to show ads to the users who have visited your webshop or website recently, so that they are reminded of their visit. It's always easier to get people to come back and buy something if they already know you. Finally, you can ask Google to show your ads to users who are similar to the customers or visitors you already have on your website. It can create completely new customers for you who might otherwise never have had a chance to discover your company.
  • Google Ads Management
    DigitalHaiYaar prepares and optimizes Google Ads campaigns for all companies. We help both B2B and especially B2C companies to reach both new and existing target groups via the world's largest search engine.
  • How Does An Auction Take Place?
    When Google has to decide who will get the four advertising slots, it is not only the size of the bid that is decisive. Because Google would prefer to give users the best experience using the company's search engine. At the same time, they want to ensure that people keep clicking on their ads - and they only do that if the ads are relevant to the search. After all, it is the income from Google Ads that gives Google income.
  • How Does Google Ads Work?
    Google Ads is the name of the ads you find at the top of the vast majority of searches on Google. These are paid placements that are therefore marked with the word Advertisement and Google displays a maximum of four Ads advertisements for each search. Who gets the coveted four positions is decided by a quick auction for each and every search. The auction takes place between the companies that have created Ads for the keywords in question. Each company has specified a maximum bid that they are willing to pay for the ad. Whoever has the most relevant content, the most relevant ad and makes the best bid wins the auction.
  • Monthly Reporting
    Did you know that most agencies spend 3-7 days per month on reporting? They could use that time to do work and create results. That is why we have developed a backend system where you can log in yourself and follow our work. Win/win for everyone!