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How much does advertising on Google cost 2023?

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How much does advertising on Google cost 2023?

Every day, millions of people use Google to search. 70% of the Dutch people now use this search engine. One time they are looking for a specific service, the other time for a product. That offers a lot of great opportunities! At least if you do it right. You can read below how you do that and how much a Google ad costs .

Advertising on Google: the costs.

The costs of advertising on Google can vary enormously. This has to do with your ad, your target group and the campaign you use with Google Ads .

Advertising on Google: the costs.

In your Google ads account you can choose how you want to advertise. Of course you want to know what it costs. Fortunately, as a marketing agency, we know exactly what you can expect. That is why we are happy to tell you what you can expect about the Google ads costs. This way you know in advance what you can expect in terms of the number of clicks and the price per click.

The keyword determines what you pay.

With social media advertising, the costs depend on the goal you choose. It works slightly differently with Google Ads.

The price you pay for advertising via Google mainly depends on the keyword on which you want to show your ads. It is actually a kind of market in which the supply and demand for a keyword determine the cost per click you pay. This applies to a shopping campaign, search campaign or a branded campaign. But how do you actually find out the actual costs of Google ads? After all, you want to know in advance what you are going to pay per day or per month.

How much does advertising on Google ads cost.

To find out roughly what you are going to pay, it is best to go to your Google Ads account . You can create a new campaign or add keywords to an existing campaign. You will also see the cost per click for each keyword. Of course, that says nothing about the actual costs. But when you consider that you need about 100 clicks for a conversion or request or sale. As an example:

Keyword 1 = 0.50 per click x 100 = approx. 50 euros

Keyword 2 = 3.00 per click x 100 = approx. 300 euros

Keyword 3 = 20.00 per click x 100 = approx. 2000 euros

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The more specific the keyword the better.

As you can see, the keyword you use has a major impact on the cost of your Google ads. But did you know that the keywords you choose can also determine the results of your campaign? It is therefore important that you choose the right keywords. You have to take into account a number of factors, namely: The cost per click, the search volume and the position in the ads ranking. Often, the more specific the keyword, the better. That’s right. The more specific the keyword, the higher the search intent, the lower the competition and often a lower cost per click.

Advertising via Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords).

Within Google you can advertise in different ways. The most common way is advertising through Google Search. You can then show your ads when someone searches for a certain search term. For this you only have to log in to Google Adwords and choose what kind of campaign you want to set up. You can choose to advertise within Google search or the partner network (for example within YouTube).

Advertising through Google shopping.

If you want to advertise via Google shopping, you need to create a Google Merchant Center account . You can then upload or sync your products via Google Merchant Center. When all your products are in Google’s database, you can find them in Google ads and you can start advertising via Google Shopping. You can then show your product or service to thousands of people who search for a certain keyword.

Advertise locally through Google.

The biggest advantage of advertising through Google Ads is that you can advertise very locally. This allows you to run targeted advertising campaigns that are often a lot cheaper, because the competition is a lot lower. It is best to create a Google my company account for this . With a Google my company profile you can also be easily found on Google Maps.


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